Diana Containerships (DCIX)         Yield:23.1%
Diana Containerships has broken many a heart over the past five years, as its stock has fallen from nearly $15 per share to just over $5 today, and with analysts expecting quarterly losses through at least the end of 2014, it seems like a bad bet for a turnaround. Upon close examination, however, things don't look as bad for the company as they initially appear. DCIX has a debt ratio of just .29, though it has taken to borrowing money from its former parent company, Diana Shipping (DSX). Recently approved was a secondary stock offering which will result in a dilution of approximately 25%. That will mean the same amount of money, when paid in dividends, must be spread 25% thinner. Still, with the current dividend yield sitting at over 23%, a dilution there is of very little concern compared to the possibility that the company will fail entirely. As for that, the secondary offering will raise $50 million, and combined with the $31 million DCIX now has on hand, this company may still have enough leeway to turn itself around.

Chart courtesy www.stockcharts.com.

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