Now if all that cash is burning a hole in your pocket, I suggest the following as sectors/companies where you might choose to park some money for a while.

Entertainment: Entertainment spending generally dips in the wake of bad economic news, but the dip generally doesn't last. Buying Sony (SNE) could be an excellent way to play the sequester. Sony's downside is somewhat minimized by its 2.2% dividend yield, and it stands to rise on anticipation as it announces more games for its upcoming Playstation 4 system.

Health Care/Insurance: Insurance and health care are traditionally considered defensive sectors, and for good reason: they are among the last things consumers choose to stop spending money on. Aetna (AET) offers an excellent way to play both these sectors. Aetna's earnings dipped a bit in the fourth quarter of 2012, but analysts see the company's earnings rising to their all-time high in 2013. If the stock price were to follow suit, it would climb to $57.73, a 24% increase from its current price of $46.54.

Delay unnecessary travel, especially international flights
Many of those responsible for our safety in the air, from air traffic controllers to Transportation Security Administration screeners, are going to be sidelined by sequestration. These reductions are going to make it very hard for airlines to fly as frequently as they would like, which means that you are not going to be able to fly as frequently as you like. If you try, you are not only going to find yourself facing long, aggravating travel snarls, but you will be responsible for contributing to an inherently unsafe situation. Furthermore, the highways are likely to be extra congested as well, as more travelers hit the roads to avoid flying.